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Cakes By Rebecca - Gallery

Unique, bespoke cakes designed to suit your special celebration; Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Christmas and Novelty Celebration Cakes.

Tall Two Tier Fluted Texture Wedding Cake adored with Sugar Paste Physalis and Carambola Branches held  by a  Burlap Ribbon with a ivory crochet Trim around the centre of the first tier.
    5 inch Christmas Cake topped with a large sugar paste poinsettia flower with a wide red Christmas ribbon adorning its base.
    Small ivory cake with a meadow stencilled in charcoal icing on its side. A birthday message on a sugar paste wooden way sign and a cyclist standing along side his bike on top,
    Image of Easter Egg Cake use to click or select for novelty cake gallery

    WEDDING cakes

    Christmas cakes



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